New on-line resource for parents of anxious kids!

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Child Anxiety Tales online parent training for parents of anxious children and teens
We are excited to introduce you to a state-of-the-art online evidence-based parent-training program for parents of children struggling with anxiety.
Child Anxiety Tales is a 10-module evidence-based online parent-training program that empowers parents with tools and strategies to use to help their child manage anxiety and stress.  The program includes:
1.     Symptom Checker – a screener to help parents assess the nature and severity of their child’s anxiety
2.     What parents need to know about different types of anxiety and symptoms of anxiety
3.     Step-by-step guidelines for how to talk to their child or teen about anxiety and how to help them challenge their fears
4.     Tools and Strategies to teach kids so they can better manage anxiety day to day
5.     Tips from experts on how to maintain long-term progress and success
The program was developed by Dr. Philip Kendall and Dr. Muniya Khanna, preeminent researchers and experts in the treatment of anxiety, through a grant funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health to increase public awareness and support for anxiety in children and adolescents. The program provides only the most well-researched information and techniques based on cognitive-behavioral principles, the recommended first-line treatment approach for child anxiety.
Child Anxiety Tales can be found on the website,  which has information, books, and referral network to help if parents are looking for providers or resources to help support their child.